Playgrounds without equipment seem to be useless and you should look forward to making them equipped with the right things. Selection of such equipment is crucial and needs to be done sensibly.

Each one of us had enjoyed playing in the playground of our schools or nearby parks. The fun everyone has had on playground equipment is very unforgettable. Similarly, if today you are planning to make a playground equipped with the right equipment you need to look into several factors. Playgrounds must be created very carefully because children use them and everything incorporated should be capable enough to offer them maximum ease and best choice.

What to Look for In Playground Equipment?

Choosing the right playground equipment is not something easy it takes time and assessment of several things that make up the right playground.

  • The very first thing to look into is the space availability, you should assess that what is the space available in your playground because this would be a determining factor for the number of equipment you will be adding to it.
  • When you have already assessed the space you should start shortlisting the equipment you may need which may comprise swings, slides, climbing equipment, and other options that might be available.
  • You need to look into different brands and manufacturers of the equipment that has been shortlisted by you and assess that where to buy them from to gain a better and affordable deal.
  • There is a need to visit different stores and manufacturers that offer this equipment so that you can assess the prices as well and have an idea of the expense that will be required to incur.
  • Material selection for your playground equipment is equally important, in this case, the different available options of the material may include plastic, metal, and wood commonly but each of these has its suitability factors and downsides that must be considered in the light of your usage.
  • Always make sure to choose the equipment that is free from all kinds of flaws, has no sharp edges, and also the nuts are properly fixed because children are going to use it and it needs to be up to the make and satisfy all safety standards.

Wooden Playground Equipment (i)

Wooden playground equipment is much popular because it offers a significant level of versatility it has many other added features too, these amount to be considered when choosing the equipment for your playground.

  • Wooden playground equipment is very convenient in a way that you can create any equipment you want with ease. Many manufacturers offer DIY kits that allow the buyers to assemble the equipment according to their specifications.
  • Wooden playground equipment is usually made with cedarwood, this kind of wood helps in keeping it safe from insects, so if you are choosing this wood kind you are in a safer zone whereas, for the other kinds you have to face the issue of insects creating their home, this could cause a safety concern for children.
  • If you compare wooden equipment with other materials, you would observe that the beauty of wooden ones is far much appealing as compared to other options.
  • You need to spend a lot of time and money on wooden playground equipment, you have to keep it safe from insects and hence timely fumigation and everything is very important.
  • Wooden playground equipment is a durable option and may be used for a period of up to ten to twelve years, just make sure to take care of it properly and maintain it as well.

Metal Playground Equipment

Many playgrounds especially public parks are equipped with metal playground equipment and it offers to be a choice that very commonly opted for, a few of these features may include the following:

  • Metal playground equipment does not require much investment in terms of maintenance; you can easily paint it once a year to offer it a fresh look.
  • They do not attract insects and hence the hassle of wear and tear due to insect bites does not exist with metal based playground equipment.
  • During summers when the equipment is subjected to sun exposure it may get very hot to touch and play on, the rubber may be used as a solution to lower down the impact but it does not eliminate the problem completely.
  • Rusting is a downside of having metal equipment and if you do not take proper, care of it may rust very quickly.
  • Metal is a strong material and therefore the equipment made out of it is very strong and durable.

Plastic Playground Equipment (ii)

As much as metal and wooden playground equipment are popular, many people even choose to have hands-on plastic playground equipment as well. Some features of plastic playground equipment may include the following:

  • Plastic equipment is very safe; it does not get hot to touch when exposed to the sun so children may very comfortably play on them.
  • Equipment made with plastic is very easy to clean and maintain, it does not rust nor does it attract insects so no thorough maintenance is needed.
  • This equipment is very durable and may last much longer than other materials if you choose a good quality plastic it does not deform as well.
  • Plastic is a very expensive option when it comes to playground equipment, unless you do not have a very huge budget it might not suit your pockets.
  • The prices of their installation may also be very tough and time taking.

Creating a new playground is something very challenging because you have to look into many details, the matter is sensitive since children are involved and safety standards need to be very high. Moreover, there is a significant need to choose from many options available in terms of material as well as in terms of choice of the equipment itself. So, always sasses the weather conditions around you, age group of children expected to use it and the choice of material that amounts to be suitable for you in the longer run.